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Mike Hookem MEP - "Fisheries White Paper is Nothing More Than a Smokescreen to Maintain the CFP Status Quo"

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UKIP fisheries spokesman slams Government fisheries plans for being vague and lacking “desperately needed” direction.
04 July - 2018
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UKIP opposes the EU's Copyright Directive in the Single Digital Market

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UKIP MEPs oppose Article 13 which threatens to "break the internet."
Article first uploaded 03 July - 2018

Theresa May surrenders to EU policy against Donald Trump over Iran

Article first uploaded 13 June - 2018

Mike Hookem MEP – “The EU Are Ignoring the Realities of Brexit Regarding Fishing”

UKIP fisheries spokesman blasts EU for not consulting the UK as an “independent actor” on post-Brexit North Sea fisheries plan
Article first uploaded 05 June - 2018

Fishing Against the Tide

Fishing Against the Tide examines what the fishing industry once was, what it is today and how fishing could be once again. Click image to watch

'Stolen Seas'

Read the story of how the UK fishing industry was sold out to the EU and discover what we can do to reclaim it.

The Migrant Crisis in Calais & Beyond

When Mike Hookem set out to see for himself the dangers faced by British hauliers crossing the channel at Calais, little did he know that he would be threatened with a gun, caught in a riot, run for his life, and witness the true scale and misery of the people smuggling rings operating in Northern France. This documentary follows Mike and his fellow EFDD MEP’s, Jane Collins, Margot Parker, Jill Seymour and Steven Woolfe as they examine what is happening in Northern France. Click below to watch.

The True Migrant Crisis

Six months after first seeing the migrant crisis in Northern Europe for himself, UKIP MEP, Mike Hookem returns to see how the situation has developed. What he found shocked him.

UKIP Energy Policy 2014

UKIP's official 2014 Energy Policy, "Keeping the Lights On" is now available to download in PDF format

UKIP Fighting Wind Farms

UKIP's Guide for campaigners,"Fighting Wind Farms, now available to download in PDF format

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