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Mike Hookem MEP - "Fisheries White Paper is Nothing More Than a Smokescreen to Maintain the CFP Status Quo"

NewsUKIP fisheries spokesman slams Government fisheries plans for being vague and lacking “desperately needed” direction.

UKIP opposes the EU's Copyright Directive in the Single Digital Market

NewsUKIP MEPs oppose Article 13 which threatens to "break the internet."

Theresa May surrenders to EU policy against Donald Trump over Iran


Mike Hookem MEP – “The EU Are Ignoring the Realities of Brexit Regarding Fishing”

NewsUKIP fisheries spokesman blasts EU for not consulting the UK as an “independent actor” on post-Brexit North Sea fisheries plan

Not Learning the Lessons – A UK Defence Strategy Doomed to Failure

NewsAn analysis of the true state of the UK's armed forces

Mike Hookem - “Labour does not understand EU defence procurement rules”

NewsUKIP defence spokesman blasts Corbyn’s claims that new Fleet Auxiliary ships could be ‘protected’ and built in Britain

The travesty of EU 'discards' - the dumping of mostly dead, but perfectly edible fish back into the sea, simply due to a lack of quota


UKIP Deputy Leader Brands House of Lords An “Unelected Nest of Vipers Who Seem Determined to Reverse the EU Referendum Result"

NewsMike Hookem MEP accuses Labour and Lib Dems of ramming policy through the Lords, they have no majority to push through Parliament.

Prime Minister “doing a Tony Blair” after committing British forces to action on scant, sketchy and unconfirmed intelligence – Mike Hookem MEP

NewsUKIP deputy leader slams PM over the decision to commit UK forces to “retaliatory” action against the regime of Bashar Al Assad.
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Records 11 to 20 of 118

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