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Mike Hookem MEP – “Trident renewal only sensible option to safeguard UK security”

NewsUKIP defence spokesman says the UK must not give up its nuclear deterrent in an ever changing and unstable security environment.

Siemens' continued investment in Hull welcomed by UKIP MEP as "sign of things to come in post-Brexit era"

NewsNews of investment in UK by German company comes after multi million pound investment by chemical company INEOS Oxide

Mike Hookem MEP – “It’s time to end the government sanctioned culture of housing our heroes in sties.”

NewsUKIP defence spokesman blasts the MoD after commons committee highlights deteriorating armed forces living standards

Mike Hookem MEP: Multi-Million Pound Hull Investment A Sign Of Things To Come

NewsHull MEP hails “common sense” of manufacturing investment post-Brexit

Blair's legacy will be one of a man craving power and influence over caution, advice and common sense

NewsUKIP Defence Spokesman Mike Hookem MEP has blasted former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair for his determination in taking the UK into conflict against Iraq saying his legacy will "always be one of a man craving power and influence over caution, advice, and common sense."

Mike Hookem MEP – “Blair’s legacy will always be one of a man craving power and influence, over caution and common sense”

NewsUKIP Defence Spokesman comments on the Chilcot Inquiry findings

UKIP Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire MEPs: “Farage took Brexit from a theory to reality.”

NewsUKIP’s Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire MEPs, Jane Collins and Mike Hookem have praised the work of Nigel Farage following his resignation, saying, “his vision has brought independence back to the British people”.

UKIP MEPs "Still have important role to play until we leave EU" says Mike Hookem

News "Nigel Farage MUST be involved in renegotiation as only party leader with democratic mandate on EU membership" - Mike Hookem MEP "Cut energy prices for heavy industry" says Party's employment spokeswoman Jane Collins MEP

BREXIT Statement by Mike Hookem MEP


Fishing for Leave - Grimsby to Hull Flotilla

NewsA flotilla of small fishing boats - bedecked in Vote Leave and UKIP signs, calling for the UK to leave the EU, staged a protest 'flotilla' from Grimsby to Hull on Tuesday. Taking part, UKIP MEP for Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire, Mike Hookem, said he was "honoured" to be able to support Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire fishermen yesterday as they sailed up the Humber to campaign for a "leave" vote. Please support UK Fishermen by WATCHING & SHARING. Learn how the Common Fisheries Policy and the EU are wiping out our fishing industry, and how British fishermen are struggling to make a living. The only way to get back our fishing grounds is to vote to Leave the EU.
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