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Abusive Turkish regime holding EU to ransom

NewsMike Hookem MEP has today blasted EU leaders decision to push ahead with visa-free travel for Turkish citizens saying, "Erdogan is holding the EU to ransom". Click the video link above to play Mike's speech.

The free movement of terrorists and Kalashnikovs

NewsUKIP defence spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP blasts the lack of border controls in the wake of the Brussels and Paris terror attacks.

EU is taking control over asylum policy and the people have had enough - Mike Hookem MEP

NewsMike Hookem MEP has blasted the EU's handling of the migrant crisis, accusing the European Commission of simply bribing countries such as Lebanon and Jordan to stop more people coming to mainland Europe, while not caring about the conditions in which they were living.

Mike Hookem MEP on Sunday Politics Yorkshire & Lincolnshire

NewsMike Hookem MEP on BBC Sunday Politics - Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, discussing the recent local and PCC elections and an exclusive interview with Arthur Scargill.

Afghan Interpreters Less Welcomed by Government Than EU Criminals Blasts Hookem

NewsUKIP defence spokesman blasts government policy after death of interpreter who worked with ISAF forces in Helmand

Mike Hookem MEP – “EU Army spells the end of UK Sovereignty”

NewsUKIP defence spokesman blasts EU’s "ultimate plan" to bring “patchwork” of national European armies under combined EU command

Brussels Plans to Replace British Bobbies with Euro Cops

NewsEU police could end up patrolling Britain’s streets and arresting British citizens under radical proposals put forward by Jean-Claude Juncker’s in-house think tank.

Steve Winstone – “We must stop the heart of steel being ripped out of Sheffield”

NewsUKIP’s Hillsborough and Brightside candidate launches by-election campaign on a platform of saving the steel industry and campaigning for local people on national issues.

'UN decision "sticks two fingers up" to Falkland Islanders' right of self determination, says UKIP's Mike Hookem.

NewsUKIP defence spokesman calls on government to reject UN decision on Argentina's Exclusive Economic Zone

Mike Hookem Responds to the Brussels Terror Attacks

NewsCommenting on the terror attacks at Brussels Zaventem airport and the Maalbeek metro station in central Brussels, EFDD defence spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP said, “I’m appalled at the needless loss of life and injuries caused by these heartless attacks and my thoughts go out to all those affected.”
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