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"HS2 will be a disaster for many residents in South Yorkshire"

NewsUKIP Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire MEP blasts HS2 route decision

Mike Hookem - "Migrants from countries in receipt of EU funds should be declared economic migrants."

NewsMike Hookem has called for migrants from countries which receive EU development and migration funds to be declared economic migrants and returned to their home country.

Mike Hookem MEP – “How much longer can we carry on applying a peacetime retrospectoscope to battlefield situations that have no bearing on normative morality and behaviour.”

NewsUKIP defence spokesman jumps to the defence of SAS soldier “betrayed” by MoD

UK intervention in Syria must stop - Mike Hookem MEP

NewsWatch Mike Hookem MEP talk in Strasbourg Parliament about UK intervention in Syria

Calais crisis a goldmine for criminal gangs - Mike Hookem MEP

NewsWatch Mike Hookem MEP talk about Calais in Strasbourg Parliament

NewsSpeaking on BBC Radio Humberside, Mike Hookem MEP outlines how the British fishing industry can be revitalised using the Icelandic and Norwegian models if we can reclaim the UK's 200-mile limit.

Mike Hookem MEP – “Using French Steel in new subs is a betrayal of Britain”

NewsUKIP defence spokesman blasts government and BAE for using French steel in the construction of Successor Class Trident Subs.

Calais Crisis

NewsUKIP MEP Says Calais Jungle Destruction will "simply shift the problem to ports which sail into the East Coast"

Skipton & Ripon Branch Meeting


Inaugural ‘Meet your MEP’s Meeting

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Records 81 to 90 of 95

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