New Calais Migrant Crisis - "Only a matter of time before a UK trucker is killed!" - Mike Hookem MEP

New figures show over 17,000 attempts by desperate migrants to board U.K.-bound trucks this year.



UKIP MEP, Mike Hookem today blasted the migrant situation in Calais, saying "it's only a matter of time before more truckers are killed or injured." 

The Hull based MEP comments came after newly released figures from the French Interior Ministry, revealed over 17,000 attempts had been made by migrants to board UK-bound trucks this year alone.

Mr Hookem, who spent over five weeks in the camps in Calais and Dunkirk during 2015-2016, blasted, "it is high time both the French Government and the EU took this situation seriously and put in place measures to safeguard Trucks heading to Britain."

"In 2015, I witnessed first-hand how intimidating it can be when large groups - predominantly made up of young men - surround the cab of a truck armed with everything from a crow bar to knives."

"It is terrifying for truckers who want to do nothing more than earn an honest living. If any other professional faced these dangers, there would be uproar and calls for the health and safety executive to be brought in."

"Then there are the national security implications in these times of heightened threat. In 2016, I interviewed one migrant who quite obviously hated the west, but who was still desperate to reach the UK as an illegal immigrant.”

“And the whole situation in Calais is about to get even worse following a French court ruling that demanded two new camps be opened for migrants looking to get into the UK.”

“Rather than protecting the rights of migrants to seek illegal entry to the UK, I am demanding that they instead take action to secure the rights of British truckers using the port of Calais.”


Notes for Editors:

Migrants in Calais make '17,000 attempts' to reach UK in 2017


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Article first uploaded 09 August - 2017
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