UKIP MEP speaks out after six soldiers seriously injured after being rammed by a car in Paris suburb



Wednesday 9th August 2017

UKIP MEP, Mike Hookem, has condemned the latest terror attack in France as “yet another abhorrent attack by those who seek to undermine our democracy and way of life.”

The attack on Wednesday morning saw six troops rammed by a car as they were leaving their barracks to go on patrol. Early reports suggest four soldiers have minor injuries, while two are ‘seriously hurt’. The local mayor, Patrick Balkany, said he had "no doubt" this was a deliberate act after the car was driven ‘at speed’ towards the group. Troops have been a visible presence on Paris’ streets after the declaration of a state of emergency in 2013.

Speaking from his Hull office, Euro MP, Mr Hookem said, “My thoughts and prayers are with the injured soldiers and their families this morning. It is at times like this when the whole of Europe must stand shoulder to shoulder, despite our political differences.”

“However, many of the current issues with terrorism on mainland Europe stem from the ease with which those who wish to perpetrate these horrific crimes can move freely around the Schengen area; easily contact terrorist groups, and make everyday objects into weapons.”

“Only through using radical thinking of our own do we have any hope of stopping these horrific attacks. Suspending the Schengen agreement and reintroducing border controls would be a good start.”

“How many more attacks must we see before the EU’s unelected elite decides to act?”

“Principles such as free movement are all well good, but when groups seeking to undermine the very fabric of European society can exploit the rules, they become a danger to every man, woman and child on the continent.”


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Article first uploaded 09 August - 2017
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