Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire MEP says he would "pay the Devil himself” to protect children from rape and abuse



UKIP’s Mike Hookem MEP has mounted a vigorous defence of the police in the row over a £10,000 payment made to a child rapist for information, saying, “I would pay the devil himself to make sure these disgusting paedophiles faced justice.”

Mr Hookem’s comments came after it emerged that Northumbria Police had paid £10,000 to a child rapist for information that led to the conviction yesterday of seventeen members of a grooming gang.

Mr Hookem - who represents the south Yorkshire town of Rotherham, which was hit by a child rape scandal in 2014, said; “What must come first and foremost is the rights and welfare of the children being horrifically abused and raped."

“We, as a society, are nothing if we fail to protect our children from those who seek to harm them. These are innocent children we are talking about here.”

“If the police had to pay the devil himself to stop this horrific abuse and protect these children, then I’m totally at peace with that.”

“The rise of child grooming gangs in which the majority of perpetrators have been British-Pakistani's is a growing trend, and the authorities must do everything in their power to stop their evil activities.

“These grooming gangs are notoriously hard to infiltrate, especially as many people are too afraid to speak out about their activities, either through fear of being ostracised from their community, or for fear of being branded a racist.”

“This is not an issue where people should be too afraid to speak out. It is an issue of race and culture as the facts speak for themselves. The victims of these grooming gangs are often underage white girls, and the perpetrators often come from the Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities. This is a cycle of behaviour that cannot be tolerated and must be broken for the national good.”

“I am sure the police, in this case, had no other option but to pay for information leading to these convictions, and hope that this group of vile paedophiles and child abusers can look forward to very long prison sentences as a result.”


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Article first uploaded 10 August - 2017
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