“The EU would have the UK by the balls under Tusk’s transition deal proposals!” – Mike Hookem MEP

UKIP Assistant Deputy Leader blasts EU demands on transition period deal as “complete UK capitulation to the EU"


Friday 8th December 2017

Mike Hookem MEP has blasted Donald Tusk and the EU for demanding “the UK’s complete capitulation” to the EU during the proposed transition period saying; “to accept the terms set out by Tusk would see the UK completely at the mercy of an EU twenty-seven who are already sharpening the knives.”

“Under these proposals, the EU would have the UK by the balls,” added Mr Hookem.

The Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire MEP’s comments came after European Council President, Donald Tusk, set out a wide range of demands for a transition deal, which would see the UK “respecting all EU law,” including any new EU legislation. 

Speaking from London, Mr Hookem said, “the transition deal demands as set out by Mr Tusk this morning means nothing more than the UK becoming a client state of the EU.”

“While the transitional deal is being marketed to the public as a two-year period, the consequences of such a move would potentially impact the UK for decades.

“The devil is very much in the detail of Tusk’s demands.

“Not only will we continue to pay into the EU during the transition period; follow all EU law; and continue to be governed by the ECJ, we will more crucially have to adopt any new EU legislation as a third-party state. 

As a third-party state adopting these new EU laws, the UK will make international treaties, which could fall under the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties and leave the UK open to legal challenges should we try to amend or make changes post-Brexit. 

“As the UK will not have a position at the table during the proposed two-year transition deal, the EU twenty-seven could introduce anything they liked into UK law.

"This would signal a complete capitulation to the EU, and it is the fault of our gutless Prime Minister, who, it seems, could not negotiate her way out of a paper bag.

“This situation would have massive ramifications for every aspect of life in the UK and could undermine any agreements made during the ‘divorce’ negotiations; as changes could be made later, during the transition period, once the UK has no say.

“The fact is, Donald Tusk’s proposals are ridiculous and unacceptable!

However, I have no faith that Mrs May has the strength of character push for a deal acceptable to the UK. May’s weakness so far has allowed the EU to walk all over the UK in the first phase of negotiations and I have little doubt this pattern will continue in the second round of talks.”


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Article first uploaded 08 December - 2017
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