Mike Hookem MEP calls for a permanent memorial on a redeveloped St Andrew’s Dock to honour Hull’s 6,000 lost fishermen

"If it doesn't happen now, it never will."


Hull-based MEP, Mike Hookem has today released a video calling for the creation of a permanent memorial to the six thousand Hull fishermen lost at sea, saying, "if it doesn't happen now, it never will."

Mr Hookem, who lost his brother Keith in the Triple Trawler Disaster 50 years ago; said "one of the greatest pains for my mother was that she never had anywhere to go to grieve. I'm sure many of the families who lost loved ones still feel the same today."

"With it being the 50th anniversary of the Triple Trawler Disaster, I think 2018 is a good year to stop the disjoined approach to remembering the 6,000 Hull men lost at sea, and now is the time strive for a fitting, permanent memorial."

"Hull was built on the back of the fishing industry, and these men deserve to be commemorated for both remembrance and to demonstrate the sacrifices of Hull's forefathers to future generations.

"In my opinion, the only fitting place a memorial of this type could be located is at St Andrew's Dock," continued the MEP.

"St Andrews is the home of fishing in Hull, and with some vision, investment, and a bit of joined up thinking, the derelict space could be made worthwhile and productive once more."

The Euro MP has been joined in his calls for a fitting memorial by ex-Hull fishermen, Ray Coles and Ray Hawker, both of the Hull Bullnose Heritage Group.

Speaking on the video released today, Mr Coles said, "The fishing heritage of this dock; and the 6,000 men lost from this dock; no-one has given them the time of day they deserve."


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Article first uploaded 09 February - 2018
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