UKIP deputy leader defends Brexiteers against Vince Cable’s insinuations of racism and living in the past for voting for UK independence.  


Monday 12th March 2018

UKIP deputy leader, Mike Hookem MEP, has slammed Lib-Dem leader, Vince Cable, for branding older Brexit voters as nostalgic "for a world where passports were blue, faces were white, and the map was coloured imperial pink;" saying the comments were a "politically motivated attempt to whip up yet more Brexit hatred."

Brexiteer, Mr Hookem said, "while Vince Cable did not explicitly say Brexit voters were racist, in my opinion, the meaning of his words was loud and clear. For me, when politicians resort to childish name-calling and 'play the race card,' it means they have no better argument to make." 

Mr Hookem's comments came after Vince Cable said in a speech on Sunday that older people who were "driven by nostalgia" for a world where "faces were white", led to the "hopes and aspirations of young people" being crushed for years to come.

Speaking from Strasbourg, Mr Hookem said, "does Vince Cable think that branding 17.4 million people as little more than living in the past racists, is going to help political discourse moving forward? If so, then he is in the wrong job!"

"We all know that the Lib-Dems would sign us up for a Federal European Super-State in a heartbeat. In the process, they would betray everyone from our fishing communities who are desperate to leave the shackles of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP); to the businesses that would benefit from new trade opportunities with the non-EU states queuing up to do deals with the UK.

"Being an elder statesman himself, Cable should know that with years, comes a great deal of experience and gravitas. However, rather than using that experience and gravitas to work towards a better future for an independent Britain, Cable has instead chosen to whip up yet more hatred between age groups in an already polarised debate."

"What Cable fails to realise is that there are a multitude of reasons for people voting to leave the EU. Some want to free industries such as fishing from the clutches of EU control. Others fear the creation of an EU army - which his predecessor branded a 'dangerous fantasy' – but which has proved to be a dangerous reality since the referendum. However, many of the Brexit voters I meet simply fear the undermining of the UK's sovereignty as the EU moves towards becoming a federal state. 

"In my opinion, Cable's comments are nothing more than a politically motivated attempt to gain favour with the same young people the Lib-Dems were so quick to sell out over tuition fees when in Government!"


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Article first uploaded 12 March - 2018
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