House of Lords is an “Unelected Nest of Vipers" Determined to Reverse the EU Referendum Result

Mike Hookem MEP accuses Labour and Lib Dems of ramming policy through the Lords, they have no majority to push through Parliament.


Wednesday 18th April 2018

Mike Hookem MEP has blasted the House of Lords following a vote to KEEP the UK in the Customs Union after Brexit, branding the institution, "an unelected nest of vipers who seem determined to reverse the EU referendum result."

Mr. Hookem's comments came after the House of Lords returned an overwhelming majority on a vote to amend the Brexit bill. If the amendment is accepted by Theresa May’s Government, the UK will remain in the Customs Union and be unable to sign trade deals as a sovereign nation. 

Speaking from Strasbourg, Mr. Hookem said, "Keeping the UK in the Customs Union is an absolute betrayal of Brexit, and the Lords know this."

"Under the proposals, the UK would have to continue to pay millions each week into the EU; continue with open borders for EU citizens; continue to implement EU law, and, most worryingly, join the developing EU army framework known as PESCO."

"I am in no doubt that the vast majority of the 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU will be absolutely disgusted by the subversion of our democracy in the Lords today." 

"Today's vote in the Lords is little more than Labour and the Liberal Democrats ramming policy through the Lords they have no majority to implement in the House of Commons."

"Therefore, I will continue UKIP's long-standing campaign for a total reform of the House of Lords, to deliver the real democracy the British people crave." 



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Article first uploaded 19 April - 2018
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