Mike Hookem - “Labour does not understand EU defence procurement rules”

Hookem blasts Corbyn’s claims that new Fleet Auxiliary ships could be ‘protected’ and built in Britain


Friday 11th May 2018

Mike Hookem MEP, has blasted Jeremy Corbyn for claiming the proposed new ‘RFA (Royal Fleet Auxiliary) ships can be protected and built in the UK, saying, ”it highlights how little Labour understand the EU treaties by which the UK is bound.”

Speaking from his Hull constituency, Mr Hookem said, ”while I agree these RFA ships should be built in the UK, as should all Royal Navy vessels; Article 346 of the Treaties demands that military procurement contracts are open to tender across the EU.”

“While there is an exception clause, only the most sensitive items can be guarded for domestic contracts. RFA ships are none front line vessels and therefore, do not qualify as ‘sensitive.’”

”Labour either don't understand EU rules on military procurement contracts or are deliberately trying to mislead the public.”

“While Labour is keen to play to the crowd and make claims they know they could not deliver in Government, they are at the same time, trying to keep us in the customs union, which would see the U.K. continue to be bound by these ridiculous rules.”

“The fact is, Labour is all mouth and no trousers on this issue!”

“And the Conservatives are no better! The Governments Security and Defence Vision paper also requires the UK to stay within the EU defence procurement EU rules as we move towards an EU army!”


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Article first uploaded 12 May - 2018
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