Mike Hookem MEP – “The EU Are Ignoring the Realities of Brexit Regarding Fishing”

Mr Hookem blasts EU for not consulting the UK as an “independent actor” on post-Brexit North Sea fisheries plan


Tuesday 5th June 2018

Mike Hookem MEP, has slammed the EU’s new Multi-Annual Plan for Fisheries in the North Sea, saying, “the EU is totally ignoring the realities of Brexit by excluding the UK as an independent actor.”

Mr Hookem’s comments came after the fisheries deal – which controls fishing methods; fishing restrictions, and the management of fish stock levels in the UK’s North Sea waters – was agreed by MEPs in Strasbourg last week. 

However, Mr Hookem reacted angrily saying; “EU mandarins seem to be ignoring the fact the UK is leaving the bloc in less than ten months by not consulting the UK as an independent actor. Moreover, the British Government seems happy to roll-over and capitulate once more!”

Mr Hookem continued; “this latest deal highlights just how determined the EU is to keep a stranglehold on Britain’s richly resourced seas post-Brexit!

“While I accept that Britain is currently a member of this highly Anglophobic club - and must adhere to the EU’s ridiculous bureaucrat inspired vision for fishing until March 2019; following Brexit, we should be free to impose our own 200-mile exclusive economic zone; police our own waters; and set our own fishing rules.

“However, based on the number of backroom deals; the continual pushing back of the date we will reclaim our waters, and the Government’s apparent unwillingness to challenge the EU on fishing; I’m doubtful we will ever get the opportunity to recover what is rightfully ours under international law.

“To me, the British Government’s lack of action in demanding to be recognised as a third-party state in the multi-annual plan highlights its weakness, and its willingness to “sell-out” British fishers to the EU in return for other concessions.”

“By allowing Brussel to ride roughshod over the UK’s coming independence makes a total mockery of Michael 'The Brexiteer' Gove and Theresa 'the Appeaser’s' claims that we will be free of the Common Fisheries Policy in March 2019.”


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Article first uploaded 05 June - 2018
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