Theresa May surrenders to EU policy against Donald Trump over Iran


Speaking in the European Parliament, Mike Hookem MEP has slammed the EU's continued support for the Iran Nuclear deal, saying the deal "is driving a wedge through Western diplomacy."

Speaking as UKIP's defence spokesman, Mr Hookem comments came after US President, Donald Trump cancelled US participation in the deal; reimposing sanctions on its hard-line Islamic rulers. Mr Hookem's speech follows reports last week that the Iranian's are looking to boost production of enriched uranium in case the deal falls through. 

Mr Hookem said, "let's be clear, Iran is preparing for the deal to fail! Yet, the EU is trying to force through a delegated act that would make Iran eligible for European Investment Bank funding."

An angry Mr Hookem continued, "not content with clinging to a dying deal, you actually want to give economic and political support to the Iranian regime."

Speaking after his speech, Mr Hookem said, "this is nothing more than the EU looking for the opportunity to make themselves look like big players on the world stage and more to do with EU vanity, than solving complex international issues."






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Article first uploaded 13 June - 2018
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