Last week, I examined a planning issue in my constituency where Grade II agricultural land is earmarked for the development of 3000 new homes, despite already being zoned as greenbelt.

However, despite already yielding a crop of Rape this year, the local council (Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council - RMBC) have repeatedly ignored the protests of residents and marked the land as
'scrub,' when it quite evidently is not.

Added to concerns of existing residents is an abject lack of existing or planned infrastructure to cope with the increased demands from an expanded population.

The residents have even gone as far as to suggest alternative 'brownfield' sites in the area that could not only be developed for housing, but also improve the appearance and attraction of the Dinnington area.

While I understand the need for extra housing in the UK, this development will not consist of social housing - but 3, 4, or 5 bedroom homes aimed at the private market.

The country is crying out for social housing, yet, councils and officials in Westminster continue to be obsessed with building homes that many people - especially first-time buyers - could not afford.

This is yet another case of the wrong housing in the wrong place, and the Government must get a grip, as this is an issue that is going on up and down the country

That is why I support UKIP's policy of prioritising 'brownfield' sites where ever possible, halting the erosion of the British countryside.


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Article first uploaded 17 August - 2018
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