Mike Hookem MEP calls for investment into existing rail infrastructure and rolling stock as former Carillion MD is appointed to HS2 board.


Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire MEP, Mike Hookem has called for HS2 to be scrapped and for the “existing infrastructure to be made fit for purpose.”

Speaking from his Hull constituency, Mr Hookem said, “while Peers and MPs are calling for £100 billion to be invested in rail and road in the north or England to bring it up to standard; not one of them is talking about the waste involved with HS2 project.”

“The HS2 high-speed rail link – which will see new houses knocked down and swathes of greenbelt land gobbled up for new track - is set to cost the British taxpayer £56 billion at current estimates and in my opinion, is nothing more than a vanity project.”

Mr Hookem continued, “while the Government talk about a Northern Powerhouse, their words are not backed up with actions. Last year, rail spending in the North increased by 3.6%, while spending in London increased 11.4%.”

“The gap between north and south is becoming even more evident, and it is pointless having a high-speed network that plugs into Victorian infrastructure.

“How the Government can even consider spending billions on HS2 when the rest of the network in the North is archaic, is beyond me!”

“To add to the woes of the HS2 project, the former managing director of Carillion has just been appointed MD of HS2. All this appointment shows is that no matter how large the failure, there will always be jobs for the boys.

“The simple fact is, Britain’s railways must be made fit for purpose of the many, not the few!

“so, Let’s drop the craziness of HS2, bring the current infrastructure and track.”


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Article first uploaded 17 August - 2018
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