Two-faced May has been deceiving the country on fisheries

May is using a sleight of hand to distract from her abject betrayal


“Two-faced May has been deceiving the country on fisheries” – Mike Hookem MEP

Mike Hookem MEP – Press Release

Thursday 22nd November 2018

Release: Immediate

Mike Hookem MEP has branded Tory promises to “take back control” of the UK’s fishing waters as a “verbal sleight of hand, that seeks to distract from what is amounting to abject betrayal.”

Mr Hookem’s comments came after the release of the long anticipated, Political Declaration on the UK’s Future Relationship with the EU, detailed how the Government intended to, “establish a new fisheries agreement, among other things, on access to waters and quota shares.”

Speaking from his Hull constituency – once a thriving fishing port – Mr Hookem blasted, “May knows full well that she intends to betray what is left of Britain’s fishing industry, but she does not have the guts to admit it!”

“The two-faced May has been deceiving the country by repeatedly stating that the UK will be an independent coastal state when the opposite seems to be the case.

“Continuing to give away 70% of the fish caught in British waters to the EU and keeping the ridiculous and wasteful rules of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) is not Brexit – it’s nothing less than an utter betrayal!

“And the unfortunate fact is, we will be lucky to get the 30% of the fish we are currently allocated; once we are the vassal state that the transition agreement seeks to make us!

“The people of this country and especially fishing communities put their faith in May to get us out of the EU. The Prime Minister has now betrayed that faith and she should resign and let someone with the backbone to take on the Brussels bureaucrats take her place.


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Article first uploaded 22 November - 2018
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