The sooner we leave the EU, the better for UK fishermen

The sooner we leave the EU, the better for UK fishermen


UKIP Deputy Leader and Fisheries Spokesman, Mike Hookem MEP is joined in Brussels by June Mummery from the Lowestoft Fish Market Alliance.

Today they are reacting to the proposals announced by the EU which will see European Fishers receive further financial assistance post-Brexit.

For years, the British fishing industry has been decimated by the EU and its Common Fisheries Policy. As a result of it, EU fleets have been able to freely land up to eight times as much fish from British waters as the other way round. The EU has done nothing during that time to aid the plight of British Fishermen whose businesses have gone to the wall.

Today's announcement by the EU is further evidence (as if it was needed) that the sooner we are out of the EU, the better. We need to get out of the CFP as soon as possible and take back control of our own territorial fishing waters.



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Article first uploaded 23 January - 2019
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