Mike Hookem & Gerard Batten discuss WTO Brexit

Mike Hookem & Gerard Batten discuss WTO Brexit


WATCH the film below as UKIP Deputy Leader, Mike Hookem MEP and UKIP Leader, Gerard Batten MEP discuss the United Kingdom fully exiting the European Union and how a WTO Exit would be the best outcome for Brexit Britain.

In the film, Mike and Gerard discuss the various benefits of a clean exit now and highlight the many benefits available to us when we are free from the clutches of the failing EU. Mike and Gerard also dispel many of the falsehoods and myths surrounding WTO Terms and shut down much of the scare-mongering perpetuated by Remainers who cannot accept the democratic wishes of the people.

WTO rules is how the majority of rest of the world freely trades with one another. We should embrace the many opportunities available to Britain as the world's fifth largest economy by leaving now and trading and co-operating globally with other nations.

Our future shouldn't be dictated by being tied indefinitely to the structures of a failing EU. Our future should be decided by us. Democracy Demands Brexit: Let's get on with it!





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Article first uploaded 28 January - 2019
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