Karlsson solutions expose EU, Varadkar & Remain

Karlsson solutions expose EU, Varadkar & Remain


Karlsson solutions expose EU, Varadkar & Remain narrative on the border 'issue'

As I and UKIP have said many times, including just last week, the border solutions exist - this issue is a political issue. http://mike-hookem.org/news.php?id=177

Lars Karlsson is the man that the EU themselves Commissioned two years ago with the task of coming up with a set of solutions to the "Irish Border Issue" using the latest smart technology.

Soon after, Dr. Karlsson published his findings and found those very friction free solutions.

"The technology and the solutions exist now." The EU have spent the two years since the referendum ignoring and avoiding these facts because they, Varadkar and those democracy denying remainers here who have manipulated this issue - do not want Britain to leave the EU.

Listen below to Karlsson's recent interview on Radio 4 which exposes the lot of them.





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Article first uploaded 04 February - 2019
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