New Group opposing democracy is hardly a great start!

New Group opposing democracy is hardly a great start!



Mike Hookem MEP dismisses defecting Labour MP’s as “a cabal of disaffected remainers who seem determined to undermine the democratic will of the people on Brexit.”

Mike Hookem MEP – Press Release

Monday 18th February 2019


UKIP deputy leader, Mike Hookem MEP, has described the new breakaway Labour grouping as a “cabal of disaffected remainers who seem determined to undermine the democratic will of the people;” commenting, “a new political group that is already committed to opposing democracy is hardly a great start!”

Mr Hookem’s comments came as the seven breakaway MP’s slammed Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party as an anti-Semitic, hard left danger to national security.

However, all the breakaway MPs – including former leadership contender Chuka Umunna – have been outspoken on Brexit and have campaigned to remain in the European Union.

Mr Umunna even used his speech at the press conference to appeal to other remainers to join their cause, “even if they came from elsewhere in politics.”

Commenting, Mr Hookem said;

“while I can respect some of the reasons given for leaving Corbyn’s Labour – especially in terms of the rampant anti-Semitism that seems to have gripped today's Labour Party – what this country needs is strong leadership on delivering a clean break from the European Union.”

“If this breakaway group proves anything, it’s that the days of the traditional parties are numbered as the fracture become complete splits, and some of the political-elite scramble to keep hold of power.

“And let’s face it, this breakaway group is hardly making a good start with regard to respecting democracy. Many of those who have chosen to break away have also opposed the result of the 2016 referendum vote and seem determined to keep the “we know better than you” attitude that has marked traditional politics for too long. 

“The fact is, there is only one party in British politics that offers a genuine alternative to the cosy Westminster consensus, no matter how many times they split and rebrand themselves.

There is only one party that has been clear and consistent in its Brexit message, and that party is UKIP.

Only UKIP has a coherent and united plan for exiting the EU.

“And only UKIP has been crystal clear in stating that the UK must leave the European Union; the single market, and the customs union entirely on March 29th this year. Any less is a betrayal of the will of the people.


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Article first uploaded 18 February - 2019
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