Labour Betrays Britain

Labour Betrays Britain


UKIP Deputy Leader Slams Labour Party Attempts to “Rewrite Their 2017 Manifesto Saying, “The People Haven’t Forgotten!”

Mike Hookem MEP – Press Release

Wednesday 27th February 2019

UKIP deputy leader, Mike Hookem has slammed Labour’s backing of a second EU referendum, saying Corbyn’s party are, “betraying Brexit and with it, millions of Labour voters who were counting on them to honour their manifesto pledges."

Mr Hookem - Member of the European Parliament for Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire - made his comments after the House of Commons threw out Labour plans for “BRINO - Brexit in name only deal,” that would see the UK remain in the Customs Union.

Speaking from Brussels, Mr Hookem said, “Corbyn and his cronies are acting like petulant children by demanding a second referendum just because Parliament rejected their barmy plans that would make the UK into nothing more than a vassal state!”

“It would seem the Labour Party have forgotten the pledge they made in their 2017 election manifesto to honour the result of the referendum.”

“Unfortunately for them, I live in a city that has in the past, been devoted to voting Labour.

“So, I will give Corbyn the only piece of advice I’m ever likely to offer and say, the people haven’t forgotten – not in Hull or any other Brexit supporting Labour area!

“Working people have had enough of been dictated to, whether it be by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels or high-handed Labour MPs and councillor who it seems to me, believe their opinion is supreme to that of their constituents.

“The fact is, there has only ever been one party devoted to delivering Brexit, and that is UKIP. Two years ago, the traditional parties wrote UKIP off saying we had served our purpose. However, the current mess over leaving the EU shows not just why UKIP is needed, but also why we as a party are more relevant than ever.”


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Article first uploaded 28 February - 2019
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