British Fishing industry has lost opportunities thanks to Mrs May

British Fishing industry has lost opportunities thanks to Mrs May


Mike Hookem MEP in the European Parliament Plenary session on Fishing.

"The real shame in the Government betraying the British fishing industry is the lost potential.

I'm not just talking about the lost income - despite there being plenty of that as the UK continues to hand the EU a business worth an estimated £6.3 billion pounds a year.

No, I'm talking about the lost potential to coastal communities; the lost opportunities for future generations, and continued decline, rather than renewed growth, through our reclaimed fishing industry.

Fishing is changing rapidly.

It is becoming an industry of even greater skill than ever before, as ships computerise and mechanise.

Yet, though Theresa May's determined betrayal of Brexit, there are generations of young people who will be denied the highly-skilled opportunities their French, Danish, Norwegian or Icelandic contemporaries enjoy.

And instead of enjoying renewed investment, the wealth of coastal town will continue to ebb away as it has done since we joined the European bloc; and communities that have survived hundreds of years due to the brotherhood of fishing will slowly cease to exist.

So, please EU, do the UK a favour, and tell Theresa 'no', 'non', 'nein' when she comes begging for an extension!"



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Article first uploaded 04 April - 2019
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