Steve Winstone – “We must stop the heart of steel being ripped out of Sheffield”

UKIP’s Hillsborough and Brightside candidate launches by-election campaign on a platform of saving the steel industry and campaigning for local people on national issues.


UKIP’s candidate in the Sheffield Brightside & Hillsborough by-election, Steve Winstone, today launched his campaign saying, “We must stop the heart of steel being ripped out of Sheffield.”


Supported by UKIP MEP’s, Jane Collins, Mike Hookem and Roger Helmer, Mr Winstone, a local metal trader and businessman, said that his campaign would focus on “various local issues that also have a national impact”, but that the crisis in the steel industry would be one of his “main focuses”. 


Choosing to launch his campaign at one of the many steel production facilities in the Hillsborough and Brightside constituency, Mr Winstone said; “As the lively hoods of many constituents rest directly and indirectly on the success of UK steel, it is important not only to have a member of parliament who will fight for British steel production, but also someone who truly understands both the industry and the needs of local people.”


“The sad fact is Sheffield, and many other steel-producing communities around the UK are being sacrificed as part of a wider plan to reduce steel production within the EU.” 


“And while some are lamenting what they see as the death of the steel industry in Sheffield, in my opinion, it’s not dead yet!”


“If we fight tooth and nail to force the government to listen on what action needs to be taken, we can save this most important part of the UK’s industrial wealth and the communities dependent upon it.”


“The people of Hillsborough and Brightside deserve more than just another voice in the crowd who will tow the party line no matter what. They deserve someone who will speak up for them, worry about their worries, and stand up for every aspect of this community.”


“No matter if it’s the threat posed to the NHS by the EU’s TTIP negotiations; parking charges at hospitals; the vandalism to our local environment done by the removal of trees from Sheffield; or any other issue.”


“I am determined to lead from the front and stand up for what is right for the people of Hillsborough and Brightside.”   


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Article first uploaded 31 March - 2016
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