Brussels Plans to Replace British Bobbies with Euro Cops

EU police could end up patrolling Britain’s streets and arresting British citizens under radical proposals put forward by Jean-Claude Juncker’s in-house think tank.


Brussels plans for an EU controlled Security Union have been revealed by a think tank run by Commission President Jean Claude Juncker.

In the disturbing report they call on EU leadesr to act "fast" and transfer huge swathes of power from Westminster to Brussels, including over policing matters.

The EU's own police force, which UKIP have been highlighting for a decade, would take over responsibbility for investigating and prosecuting terrorists in Britain, with cases then tried under EU courts and not our own justice system.

It has been described as "the middle end of the wedge" by opponents of a single EU justice system following huge transfers of power under the Lisbon Treaty and it opens the way for further integration of security services.

The agency would be controlled by unelected bureaucrats and could operate in the UK without answering to our official organisations or government.

In a strategic note released on April 20 the EPSC said “immediate steps” need to be taken to work towards a centralised EU intelligence agency, including imposing a “legally binding duty to share information”.

UKIP defence spokesman Mike Hookem MEP described the document as "frightening."

"The British people need to know about the plans for an EU Public Prosecutor's office on Terrorism which takes liberty and democracy further away from their grasp," he said.

The suggested policy, backed by former European Commissioners, also calls for a "European judicial response" and says Brussels prosecutors would have powers to get involved with the "listing of persons, groups and entities involved in terrorist acts and subjecting them to restrictive measures".

"To have police officers on the street who are not directly under the control of the directly elected British government is frankly frightening," Mr Hookem said.

"The only people who should have powers of arrest in the UK are solely British law enforcers enacting our law, not Brussels law.

"But what this also demonstrates is that no crisis is too severe, no disaster too great for the EU not to use it as a power grab.

"Be warned - if we don't vote for Brexit on June 23rd we are sending a signal that we support these new measures. There is no status quo - it's independence or more Europe."

His view was shared by Armed Forces minister Penny Mordaunt who told,  “This latest EU integration project not only shows how little the EU cares for the sovereignty of nation states, but also how little it understands the business of counter terrorism.”


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Article first uploaded 03 May - 2016
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