Mike Hookem MEP supports Out of the EU action day in Hull

23rd January 2016 - Yorkshire & North LincoYorkshire & North Lincolnshire MEP, Mike Hookem joined activists from across East Yorkshire in Hull on Saturday, to campaign for a leave vote in the forthcoming referendum.


The event - organised by UKIP Hull - was very well attended and attracted a lot of attention from members of the public.

Speaking while campaigning, Mike Hookem said, "As soon as you start speaking to members of the public, you start to realise just how anti EU many people are.”

Mike continued, "The fact is, people are not as clueless as the EU think they are and are starting to realise just how their lives are impacted everyday."

"The more information the leave campaign can get out into communities all over Britain, the more people can see what a bad deal we get from the European Union."


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Article first uploaded 10 February - 2016
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