EU fisheries report ensures that the UK will remain under the hegemony of the CFP

Mike Hookem blasts plans to centralise all fishing data across the EU saying, "Sovereignty ‘shared‘ is sovereignty lost."


Mike Hookem MEP has blasted plans by the EU to centralise all fishing data in the EU; including that of the UK prior to Brexit. 

Speaking in opposition to the integrated data plan at the European Parliament plenary session, Mr Hookem said, “Information is power”.

"If you run the data, you control what people think. Control thinking and you control people themselves - the choices they make.

"The European Union has long worked on this basis.

"The EU knows perfectly well that - by centralising the data on fish stocks throughout Europe - the UK can never escape the suffocating embrace of the Common Fisheries Policy. 

"If Grimsby, Hull, Scarborough, Whitby or every other fishing port in the UK is to have a future then we need our sovereignty back!

"No ‘ifs’, no ‘buts’. We need to take back FULL control of ALL our waters.

"And the means We choose what data WE collect. 

"We decide what is monitored - and when, and how and ‘if’.

"Without the power to measure, analyse and utilise fishing data, the UK will still be unable to formulate its own fisheries policies and will remain under the hegemony of the CFP.

"This report is the Trojan horse, the cuckoo in the nest, the fifth column, the hidden enemy within.

"Sign up to this under the so-called great Repeal Bill which is no such thing - and the UK has lost half the battle to reclaim our own fisheries and waters, before the negotiation has even begun.

Mr Hookem went on to slam a decision by the European Commission to ban all types of sea bass fishing; a move that could see the end of a 2000 year old type of fishing on Yorkshire's East Coast. 

Traditional, shore based fishermen, who use nets to fish for sea bass, salmon and sea trout, will now be forced to leave any of the sea bass caught dead on the beach or see it sent to landfill under the new rules. 

Speaking of the move which could see the end of these environmentally friendly fishing practices, Mr Hookem said, "If what will happen under the new rules sounds theoretical, then just ask the artisanal, shore-based fishermen in my constituency, who face losing their livelihoods following the recent sea bass ban.  That ban originates in EU data - and data control.

"Sovereignty ‘shared‘ is sovereignty lost."


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Article first uploaded 16 March - 2017
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