EU Fisheries Committee President: "We will set the rules, not you, like it or not!"

Alain Cadec, European Parliament Fishing Committee President sets out EU's bargaining position on fishing during Brexit talks.

The President of the EU's powerful PECH (fisheries) Committee, Alain Cadac, told the UK MEP, Mike Hookem that Europe will be setting the rules for fisheries post-Brexit, "like it or not" as it was the UK who decided they would leave, not the EU."
Mr Cadec's comments came after Mike Hookem MEP demanded that control of the UK's seas - and the fish within - revert to British control on the completion of Brexit negotiations.
Speaking after a tempestuous PECH Committee meeting, Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire MEP, Mr Hookem said; "If the EU want a war on fishing, then bring it on. Historically, putting Europe in its place is something the UK is rather good at."
"Despite the EU having stolen Britain's fishing waters as a condition of entry into the then EEC, it would seem they are demanding to continue having the same access post-Brexit.
"For me, Mr Cadec's attitude highlights quite how arrogant the EU intends to be in the forthcoming negotiations.
"The fact is, by the EU threatening to block markets for fish, they are proving they are nothing more than a playground bully.
"Maybe Mr Cadec needs a history lesson, but the UK has a long and proud history of standing up to and beating bullies, and I don't expect the outcome to be any different in the fishing negotiations.
"Whether the EU like it or not, Brexit is the democratic will of the British people, and leaving means, we take our assets with us."

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Article first uploaded 27 March - 2017
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