Disillusioned with Labour’s betrayal of working people, I joined the UK Independence Party in 2008, as I felt they were the only party that truly represented the people and spoke with an honest voice.  It was to be the start of a journey that was to lead me to become a Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire MEP. While I’m not in a position to change the European Union singlehandedly, I can give a 100% commitment to help and support to the people of the region I represent and to work for their interests. I am also committed to showing the Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire people, what a corrupt and dictatorial system the European Union is and how many of the decisions taken by faceless, unelected bureaucrats, directly affect them.

My decision to join UKIP was initially prompted by the dismay and defeat I saw in the faces of the people that I came across everyday in the streets of my home city of Hull, as well as the struggling tenants that I dealt with in the course of my job as a property manager.

The credit crunch was biting deep and like many people in the city, I felt abandoned, lied to, betrayed and fobbed off by everything political I had ever believed in.  Up until this point, I had trusted Labour to do what was right for the working classes, but it was becoming more and more obvious to me that all the champagne socialists of the Labour party were interested in doing, was serving themselves, rather than the people they were elected to represent.

I come from working class roots and was born into the fishing community on Hessle Road, west of Hull and had voted Labour all my life up until that point.

 My father worked on the fish docks, filleting fish, before moving on to work in heavy engineering, and it looked like I was destined to follow in his footsteps. After leaving school at 15, I had several low paid jobs, but I craved more, and at the age of 17 enlisted in the Royal Air Force. Serving in the armed forces was a revelation to me and I was extremely proud to serve my country. My four-year stint kick started my life and by the time I left four years later; I was determined to make a success of myself.

From there my working life was a mixture of skilled trades and management positions, however, the military life still called to me and I soon joined the Royal Engineers as a Commando Engineer, a position I held for 9 years.

At the time I joined UKIP in 2008, I had no political experience; not unless you count shouting at TV’s Question Time every Thursday night, but it had become clear to me that if I didn’t do something, no-one would. We now live in a political society where those in power ignore your voice as an individual; however, joining UKIP was like a breath of fresh air. Plain speaking was the norm, and the aims of the party were both realistic and achievable and in the interests of only the British people. 

I soon became immersed in my local branch and elected to the branch committee.  The hard work that I put in for my members was further recognised in 2011, when I was asked to stand as Chairman of the UKIP Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire regional committee, a position I attained in 2012. Drawing on all my previous experiences, both personal and professional, I set about growing UKIP in the Yorkshire & North Lincs. Region, something I’m pleased to say I achieved. On resigning my Chairmanship after my election as an MEP, I left behind a far bigger and stronger organisation, which had achieved the best UKIP local and European election results in the country. This is an achievement that I am extremely proud of and an experience that I am determined to carry through to my work as an MEP.

As an MEP, I don’t intend to change who I am or where I came from. I will not be changing my accent or the way I speak, as I am still a working class lad from the west end of Hull, who calls a spade a spade. I do however promise to debunk the rubbish coming out of the EU, and to give the public the opportunity to understand what is being done in Europe in YOUR name. I will also strive to help anyone who approaches me and give 100% of myself to this region. Thing are changing in British politics and I aim to be at the forefront of the People’s Army.


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